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PROPERTY COUNSELORS provides comprehensive real estate appraisal and research services. In an environment of greater specialization and competition within the industry, with increased regulatory pressure from the outside, Property Counselors offers fresh perspectives and the technical competence to address current real estate problems and opportunities. Property Counselors has been in business in Seattle since November 1986.

Property Counselors offers a broad range of services, including:

Property Counselors provides extensive experience in meeting the special facilities planning, development and real estate needs of public agencies. We have worked with federal, state, and local agencies, including cities, schools, port districts, and other special-purpose districts. Our services include real estate advisory services, needs assessments, cost/benefit studies, financing programs, and development strategies. Projects include both traditional residential, commercial, and industrial development, as well as special-purpose public facilities. We understand the special objectives of public agencies as well as their processes for review and communication.


Property Counselors specializes in real estate and economic research and valuation. Our approach stresses providing useful services rather than superfluous reports. We will tailor our program to meet the client's individual needs. Our products provide the necessary documentation to support our findings and recommendations and also meet the requirements of third parties such as lenders, investors, and the Appraisal Institute.
While every assignment has its unique elements, the following general categories of service are representative of our experience.
    Site Selection
  • regional analysis
  • site evaluation
  • approval/permit assistance

    Strategic Planning
  • corporate transfers, mergers, and acquisitions
  • sale/purchase/lease decisions
  • portfolio analysis
  • "brainstorming"
    Economic and Demographic Projections
  • baseline studies
  • economic impact analyses
  • economic development programs
    Development Planning
  • phasing
  • liaison with design consultants
  • financial structuring
    Market and Feasibility Studies
  • office
  • retail
  • industrial
  • residential
  • hotels
  • recreational facilities
  • special-purpose properties
    Highest and Best Use Studies
  • vacant land
  • redevelopment
  • adaptive reuse
    Litigation Support
  • expert witness
  • arbitration

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